Café Merlin

On the Foundation’s first floor, the Merlin Café welcomes visitors in a luxurious way. Merlin Café pleasantly extends the visitor’s experience beyond an exhibition, a concert or a lecture.

At the same time, Café Merlin is a reference point for residents and visitors of the city of Athens. The bright and quiet area overlooking the National Garden, the imaginative dishes made with raw material of excellent quality, and the discreet and friendly service render it an ideal choice for a delicious and light lunch, a drink after work, or simply a coffee during the day.

Information-Resevations: +30 210 36 11 731

Children’s parties

Provide your child and his/her friends with a unique experience choosing one of the specially designed educational programs, based on its interests and age.
Through the activities of each story and with the guidance of experienced educators and animators, children experience the joy of team-play and creativity, while discovering a Museum’s premises.

In the meantime and throughout the duration of the program, parents can enjoy coffee and cakes in the cozy Cafe Merlin, and at the end of program, they all meet at Café Merlin for cutting the cake.

There are five educational programs:

1. Out of tune chords. Age range: 5-7 years.
2. A mystery with tale. Age range: 6-8 years.
3. The invisible whiteboard. Age range: 7-11 years.
4. The phantom of the opera. Age range: 7-11 years.
5. The forgotten code. Age range: 8-12 years.

For more information, please contact:
Eirini Alexandrakis
Τ: +30 210 36 11 206 (ext. 1042)